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Wealth and Investment Consultancy

The complexities that factor into every investment decision grow exponentially year on year. It requires a higher level of specialization to effectively study and analyze the idea, the business model, the industry, and the market as a whole. It’s a level of proficiency few organizations can achieve and it’s what sets Wealth and Investment Consultancy (WIECCO) apart.

WIECCO is an independent full service advisory company dedicated to helping improve your business flexibility and financial effectiveness. Our advisors are truly objective in their market analysis, business advice and offering the products that are tailored for the needs of our clients.

You may not have the time, desire, or expertise to properly study, analyze, and evaluate certain business aspects of your life. At WIECCO, we strive to provide exceptional advisory service that would help clients seize opportunities and make a difference in their lives.

Our Vision

Become a world-class company that provides clients with trust-worthy corporate, financial, and government research and advisory services.

Our Mission

As we cannot stop Financial Crisis Cycle, we will work towards consolidating the commonsense of smart investment.

Our Values

Drive Value to Clients
Execute with Urgency
Create Client Focused Solutions

Letter from our CEO


The global financial crisis that hit the global economy in 2008 was not and will not be the last. Despite all the voices that said the crisis was possible based on a handful number of explicit indicators at that time, the absence of the correct investment culture led the majority of investors to Ignore the seriousness and importance of all warnings.

It is certain that such a crisis is an unavoidable part of the global economic cycle, and therefore it is unpreventable. However, mitigating the effects of the crisis as well as taking advantage of it, as an exceptional event that falls within the economic cycle, is certainly applicable.

In the world of investment, one of the most common mistakes is the adoption of investment decisions that are solely based on personal guessing or randomly reliant on surrounding views, so in particular case, the degree of risk in investment decisions is considerable.

Smart investment is a deliberate reflection of financial, marketing and strategic content of the investment decision, which transforms it from randomness to clarity and integrity, thus helping to make the right decision with regards to the feasibility of the project, its ability to survive, and develop and benefit from all stages of the economic cycle.

The bottom line is that projects of all kinds do carry a risk aspect. Therefore, the adoption of feasibility study for projects is the ideal approach that is capable of quantifying and comparing risks with projected return indicators to make the right investment decision.

Wealth & Investment Consultancy has dedicated its expertise to helping investors identify the most important investment opportunities within various investment verticals (industrial, real estate, commercial, financial, and service) and in various economic circumstances. We avail all the necessary tools for investors throughout all project stages in order to help them make optimal decisions and determine the impact of the global and regional economic factors, including fluctuations in the exchange rates of major currencies and precious metals, identify the optimal hedging tools, and direct/indirect effects of global cash policies on investment decision-making.

Basem Ziad Shokfah
Chief Executive Officer - Wealth & Investment for Economic Consultancy.



As an exclusive advisory consultancy, we distinguish ourselves through a genuine entrepreneurial spirit and strong flexibility. We focus on our specific strengths to offer you excellent solutions


• Monitory policies consequences
• Economic analytical reading for Currency & Precious Metals Markets
• Privilege club and all its facilities


• Statutory Audit
• Due Diligence & Business Valuation
• Internal Audit & Business Advisory
• Risk Management
• Company Formations
• Tax advisory, training, and Tax system setup for all activities


• Feasibility Studies
• Primary Market Research
• Go-to-Market Strategy
• Product Launch and Management
• Channel Recruit and Development
• Pricing/Price List Formulation


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